These classes are designed especially for you by Tamlin.
She will get to know you by giving you a series of creative assignments that will help you see new horizons in the life you have chosen for yourself.
The assignments are once a week at a pre-designated time. Your personal 1-on-1 time comes between assignments and on ZOOM.

Tamlin’s engaging style will open you up to a new perspective.
You know already if you need to do this.

Class Descriptions:

  1. Person on a rock
    What is the story happening here?
  2. Inside/outside 
    Is there a difference?
  3. Inner Child
    Appreciate who you are

(The classes above are lessons used before. In a 1-on-1, Tamlin will mold the experience according to the art-work created and the discussion about it.)

Each class has several printables you may want to download:
* Supply list
* Visual Aids

Once this series is completed you may feel compelled to go further with Tamlin’s personal 1-on-1’s. The continued 3 class assignments will be a discounted $250.

May I be clear, I am not a Therapist. I am an experienced art teacher who leads students to see their life’s situation more clearly through visuals. My expertise lies in creating individual assignments that help each student to express their thoughts and ideas clearly. With that awareness they become EMPOWERED !!!