About Tamlin

Tamlin Allbritten has been an Art Teacher for more than 40 years, focusing on teaching her students how to EXPRESS THEMSELVES CLEARLY through many creative mediums.

With her 40 years of experience: 30 in schools, Art Camps,
private studio lessons, and more than 10 years working in rehabilitation centers…
                   Tamlin knows the  Power of ART.
She has written 9 books, 5 of which are lesson-plan work-books (3 with pilot studies behind them). These books are for teachers, therapists, facilitators, team leaders, as well as families, couples and individuals. The subject is most often:
How to express your thoughts and emotions through
images, symbols, color and ‘sway’.
  “Sometimes words are not there, but we still need
to express ourselves”.

Having explained all that…
Tamlin has NOW changed her direction slightly.
Still an educator, she is focusing on kids finding their SUPER POWER through simple modalities not taught in school or church. These 7 lessons will inspire her students to access information from a higher source while going deeper into their own innate wisdom.

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May I be clear, I am not a Therapist. I am an experienced art teacher who may, in some circumstances, work side-by-side with therapists/counselors/CEO’s/parents/teachers  in hopes to help their students/clients/team members/families to see their life’s situation more clearly through visuals. My expertise lies in helping my art students to express their thoughts and ideas clearly. With that awareness they are EMPOWERED.

I am an art teacher with 40+ years of experience teaching the creative process to many different populations (inner-city, kids with addictions, veterans, special needs, brain-injuries, eating disorders, the privileged & affluent, (which are the hardest to teach, by the way) as well as all the “normal peeps” in between.
(“Normal”?…There is NO normal in art).

I have a BA in Art Education from Michigan State University and that was all I needed to catapult me into the extraordinary path I have experienced.  Mentors along the way have guided me into a lane where I have excelled and I am grateful beyond words for their guidance, their gifts and talents, their patience, but most of all their belief in me.

Tamlin’s Journey

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