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This 6-art-class series has been selected to bring a smile to your face and delight to your soul. Instead of following a curriculum, these art classes are the most popular lessons that I have taught over the years. I chose these classes because they are fail-proof and every student walks away feeling proud of themselves for their creative accomplishment. Joy, after all, is one thing we need more of, right?

Class Descriptions:

  1. Magic Wands
    Where does the magic come from?
  2. Blessing Box
    What are you thankful for?
  3. Model Magic Angels
    Where are the angels in your life?
  4. “Who am I” collage
    The art of becoming
  5. Jean Jacket Jubilee
    Embellish with intention
  6. Masks
    Who do people see?

Each class has several printables you may want to download:
* Lesson plan (with topics for discussion)
* Supply list
* Visual Aids