First class starting
Jan.1st 2021


These 7 art classes are part of a curriculum I developed for younger students to teach them the basics of grounding and moving their energy. These lessons give kids the tools to utilize their power with proven methods not taught in schools.
Don’t get me wrong, all these concepts are good for any age, it just seemed logical to me to start with kids, have them teach the adults in their life, and spread this essential information from the ground up.

Once we understand the fact that, ‘Energy Follows Thought’ my students learn that they have a SUPER POWER they didn’t even know they had.

This course of study was recently compiled in a work-book format:
‘How to be a SUPER POWER’ in 7 easy Lessons
and has been restructured into a 7-class series so you might walk away with illuminating, timely wisdom. This is a “MUST-DO” 7-class series for every age.

Class Descriptions:

  1. Personal Power
    Finding your own space
  2. Sparkle in/Sludge out
    Clearing your body and mind
  3. Be Quiet and Listen
    Nature or Man-Made sounds?
  4. Shift Your Focus
    Think UP to download
  5. Inspired Action
    Slow down and be ready.
  6. Visualizing Intentions
    Thinking ahead while being in the moment
  7. Energy Follows Thought
    Push your sparkle

To sign up for this 7-class series, click the REGISTER button on this page to make your secure payment. I will then mail you your very own copy of my book, How to be a SUPER POWER in 7 Easy Lessons, as well as a new journal for you to write down any thoughts you may have as you go through the lessons. If your billing information is different then your mailing address, please email me your correct street address at

After you have registered for the series, you will then receive an introductory email with a link to access the class contents for the first lesson. Each subsequent lesson will be sent weekly so you have plenty of time to practice what you learned in the class before. I encourage you to do each lesson in order since they build on each other.

* The lesson plan and visual aids will be in the form of a video for each class in the series.
* The only items you need for the Supply List for this series are colored chalk and a pencil.

Each class in this series has a HomePlay assignment (because it’s play not work!).  If you do all the HomePlay assignments and upload photos of them to, you will receive a certificate of completion and a special SUPERHERO gift.

To purchase additional copies of this book, visit my Amazon listing.

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